Journey of the Franchise Rainmaker

The goal of the Rainmaker is to foster well being and create harmony with nature, to encourage nature to give a little rain to nurture the well being of a populace.

Rainmaking is a myth, because we all know that nature will give when it is ready. It is possible in Franchising and does not require smoke and mirror thinking. It is about Success through knowledge, the knowledge of knowing yourself and the journey you will embark upon to achieve your definition of success in business franchise ownership.

Years ago I identified a personal passion of helping people to find the right business. I knew that the best way to personal wealth and success was through business ownership. I also knew the path to that goal was littered with failures and broken dreams. The franchise rainmaker has had those experiences. One does not become a franchise rainmaker by deciding to be one. It takes years to learn the business of how to successfully help people explore opportunities. It takes years to learn the right ways to help people to find the right business. It takes years to learn how to listen and encourage and not be afraid to tell the truth to potential business owners.  On top of this you have to learn to be a trusted advisor to the franchising community. It takes time to forge relationships with quality franchisors that trust you and your clients. Many people can call themselves Franchise consultants or franchise advisors, but only a few have the background and knowledge and commitment  to their franchise client’s success in the hunt for a Franchise.  It is about honesty integrity and Trust. It is about making the right decision on a business for you and your family. This only happens one way, it is about Success through Knowledge. That is what I have learned over the years and that is why the franchise rainmaker can make your wish of franchise ownership a reality. That has been my journey and that is what I believe. It is up to you to decide if you want the help of a franchise consultant, franchise advisor and franchise rainmaker. Believe me when I say, I care about you making the right franchise business decision for you and your family.

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The Franchise Rainmaker

Joe White